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Pinarello Gara Bib Short - Men's Navy Blue/White, XL

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Pinarello Gara Bib Short - Men's Navy Blue/White, XL Review

The transport was done quick , the tights look like on the picture show , pretty well quality, I wouldn't mind purchasing from the same manufacturer again.

Pinarello Gara Bib Short - Men's Navy Blue/White, XL Description

The Pinarello Gara Bib Short brings high performance Pinarello cycling apparel within the reach of the self-sponsored cyclist on a budget. That's not to say that performance was compromised in any way, however: the Gara's Power Lycra main body provides genuine compression, and the insert is one of the best in the cycling industry.The Gara's main body fabric is Performer, a 210g Power Lycra. This is a compressive material that reduces the effects of road vibration, promotes bloodflow, and protects muscles during long periods of high exertion. The Gara also uses Shield Endurance panels for its excellent stretch and durability.The shorts' body is kept in place by Grip 650 leg bands, which spread a soft, non-restrictive, and gently compressive grip across the 6 centimeter-wide cuffs. A silicone application is used throughout these bands to help keep everything in place. The LoPro 0 used in the front and shoulders of the bibs is the distant, less-restrictive cousin to the LoPro 30 and 45 materials that Giordana uses in the cuffs and armbands of other items. The straps are hem-less for a perfectly flat fit that doesn't show through your jersey. At the shoulder blades, the LoPro is mated to 190 Mesh, which is soft and breathable with a barely-there feel that complements the band of ventilated Antigua material between the shorts' body and bibs.The chamois is the OmniForm (O. F.) . It incorporates aloe vera particles for natural antimicrobial properties with a pleasant cooling side effect. The 4mm-thick pad of waffled-texture expanding memory foam actively ushers moisture to the perimeter of the chamois to speed evaporation and limit bacteria-prone dampness. The final layer of the chamois is a thick section of hand-sewn open cell padding with recessed channels for pressure relief.