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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoe - Men's

Credits to Backcountry

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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoe - Men's Review

Mavic did it again! Excelent product for excelent price. I've got my Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoe - Men's today and I cannot keep my hands off it.

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Shoe - Men's Description

Mavic developed the Cosmic Ultimate Men's Cycling Shoe in a secret lab on the 7th moon of Jupiter, with a little input from the cycling champions of Neptune, so there's no doubting its technical chops. Luckily, Mavic focused the design around a human foot, not some alien appendage, so the fit quality of the Cosmic Ultimate is top notch. Every feature of the upper, from the comfortable, breathable, and snug Ergo 3D tongue to superlight, seriously supportive the Ergo Fit 3D+ OrthoLite and EVA footbed, keep your foot locked down to prevent blisters and ensure efficient power transfer. Mavic also hooked the Cosmic Ultimate up with an Ergo Dial retention system that provides a form-fitting but pinch-free closure, and an Ergo Strap SL strap that pulls your foot into the bottom of the shoe to help you put more power into the pedals. Of course, as with any space-age tech, the real secret is in the carbon-fiber. Mavic didn't skimp, giving the Cosmic Ultimate a super-stiff Energy Full Carbon SLR outsole, which is just 5. 5mm thick, so there's nothing to interfere with your power being transferred into the pedals. There's also an Energy Lock Carbon Comp heel counter which locks in your heel to eliminate movement during upstroke, and Energy Frame Carbon technology, a woven carbon-fiber panel that wraps around your arch and rear-foot for extra support and efficiency.