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Louis Garneau Equipe Motion Shorts - Women's

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Louis Garneau Equipe Motion Shorts - Women's Review

I am very pleased with the Louis Garneau Equipe Motion Shorts - Women's. I use it all the time. I wish that I had this compression shorts sooner.

Louis Garneau Equipe Motion Shorts - Women's Description

If you like to spend all day on your bike, Louis Garneau has just the shorts for you. The Equipe Motion Women's Shorts have been designed to give you all day comfort with high performance compression material that will ensure you'll feel like riding day after day. The magic happens with Louis Garneau's mixing of their Pro and Power + Lycra material. The Pro + Lycra adds the touch of comfort with a forgiving stretchiness which belies its ability to recover its shape. It will move with you instead of working against you. Meanwhile, the Power + Lycra has the stretch with compression. Compression fabrics are essential for isolating and supporting muscle groups which means you will feel less fatigue and be able to recover faster. The material has been cut to shape to the female form while in a riding position. Louis Garneau uses its HuggFit waist which evenly distributes pressure around the waist. With a similar attention to comfort, the inner leg has been designed to be seamless in order to reduce the bulkiness by eliminating excess material. You won't have fabric bunching up at the saddle interface, which reduces the possibility for sore-causing friction. And where there are seams, Louis Garneau uses flatlock stiching to avoid irritating friction and prevent indentations from forming on your legs. Another point of contention on ladies' shorts is how tight to make the leg band. There should be an element of compression, but not enough to cause unwanted bulges. Louis Garneau solves this problem with the Powerband, which is a compression cuff that supports the thigh without causing undo pressure. The 10. 5 inseam will mean that the leg cuff hits at that perfect point on the thigh below the thickest part of the leg but still high enough above the knee to keep the tan line at your casual short level. For the insert, Louis Garneau turns to their Airgel Chamois. This is an all-day comfort chamois due to the high-density foam working in sympathy with the perforated gel...