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Capo Pursuit Bib Shorts - Men's

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Capo Pursuit Bib Shorts - Men's Review

First Capo I've owned in years and wished it hadn't taken so long. Very happy with my choice. Capo Pursuit Bib Shorts - Men's is a great choice of compression shorts.

Capo Pursuit Bib Shorts - Men's Description

Part of Capo's top-of-the-line Corsa series, the Pursuit Men's Bib Shorts are engineered to suit your body while it's in motion, helping improve your ride by supporting muscles, managing moisture, and maintaining comfort when you're in the saddle. Capo made the shorts from HG Power Lycra, an extra-compressive weave that reduces unwanted muscle vibration, so you can direct more energy into the pedals rather than wasting it stabilizing small muscles. Power Lycra is also abrasion-resistant, in case you come a cropper, and boasts exceptional wicking properties, so you stay dry even on the hardest rides and hottest days. The bib straps have a minimal design to decrease weight and increase comfort, and are constructed from ultra-breathable V-Mesh 360 fabric to prevent moisture build-up and provide unmatched comfort. All fibers are also treated with Meryl ActiSystem, a special microfiber treatment that provides antimicrobial properties to fight off odor and UV protection to save your skin from the sun's rays. Last but not least, the Anatomic-L HD Carbon insert in the shorts provides lightweight and breathable padding to make long days in the saddle easier to bear.